Márton Levente Szigeti

Professional Skills

Programming, script and markup languages

Used in at least one successfull project:

Java PHP bash HTML CSS SQL JavaScript Python C#
Frameworks and libraries
Bootstrap jQuery ProtoypeJS
Other knowledge fields

Other knowledge in the general IT field:

Networking Monitoring Containerization Virtualization (KVM) Storage Version control systems (SVN, Git) IT security

Used in at least one successfull project:

Debian RHEL openSUSE Linux opnSense TrueNAS Docker Apache httpd Nginx MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite Postfix, Dovecot Icinga / Nagios Active Directory Samba Jetty Tesseract Apache Tika ffmpeg Mediawiki Maven

Language Skills

B2 level language exam
actively used in both written and oral

Soft skills

  • Can work autonomously
  • Aspires for precision, holds own work to high standards
  • Open to get new knowledge
  • Fast learner, acquires new skills in short time


Since 2010 I have been working as the responsible for everything IT related (both development and operations) at an institution employing a 100+ employees in a team at first and mostly alone in the last five years. I am currently looking for new challenges and a new job hoping to further extend my skillset.



Tasks: Ad-hoc development, operations tasks, data recovery, editing and typesetting academic publications

University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


  • IT support for end users (lecturers and students)
  • Management of Windows, Linux and BSD based servers
  • Handling client PCs (300+ computers) and devices
  • Operating and monitoring network and network services
  • Internal software development

Interesting Projects

Software development projects

  • Implementing an internal portal system in Java

    I developed a portal system for the SZTE GTK to manage the daily business tasks. Only the inventory and time-off modules get used actively.

  • Firewall appliance to restrict network traffic from lab computers

    I built a firewall appliance based on Debian / PHP / ipset / iptables to empower lecturers to restrict network traffic with an easy to use interface.

  • Scientific Students' Associations (TDK) paper registration and submission system

    I developed a system based on PHP to manage TDK papers following their whole path (it can take up to two years from registration to the finished final verdicts). It was very actively used between 2014 and 2019.

  • Development of a Conference Registration System

    I have been developing the conference registration system for an academic alliance since 2015. In 2020 because of the COVID restrictions it was intergated with the video conference system BigBlueButton.

Operations projects

  • Introducing system monitoring at SZTE-GTK

    After I inherited the IT infrastructure in 2017 I started upgrading and replacing it. It was and important decision to have active monitoring for all critical parts of the system.

  • Backup solutions for servers and client devices

    After 2017 I implemented backup procedures of devices.

  • Centralized configuration of devices

    After 2017 I developed and implemented a system in which device computers can be reimaged only using the network at any time to their state as most device configuration comes from a centralized location.


University of Szeged Faculty of Informatics and Science - Computer Scientist BSc, excellent diploma